Business Environment Council

Business Environment Council Limited (BEC) is an independent, charitable membership organisation, established by the business sector in Hong Kong.


Since its establishment in 1992, BEC has been at the forefront of promoting environmental excellence by advocating the uptake of clean technologies and practices which reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution and improve corporate environmental and social responsibility.


BEC offers sustainable solutions and professional services covering advisory, research, assessment, training and award programmes for government, business and the community, thus enabling environmental protection and contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy.



BEC Sustainable Consumption Programme

The programme is organised by BEC and funded by the Sustainable Development Fund, aiming to promote sustainable consumption and drive behavioural changes in Hong Kong.


According to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015, the transition towards more responsible sustainable patterns is crucial. In Hong Kong, the Consumer Council published a study report in 2016 as well, stating that "not enough information" and "not easy to acquire" as the two major factors prohibiting Hong Kong citizens from consuming more sustainably.

In view of this, BEC has developed a guide, a recognition scheme, an online product directory, a mobile application and a series of roving
exhibitions to raise awareness and encourage committed efforts towards sustainable consumption.

Supporting Organisations
Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Consumer Council
Council for Sustainable Development
Environmental Protection Department
BEC Guide on Sustainable Consumption

Please click here to access the BEC Guide on Sustainable Consumption to understand the background and importance of sustainable consumption.


Sustainable Consumption Recognition Scheme

The Recognition Scheme aims to encourage enterprises toconsider the environmental and social impacts of the productsand services they purchase, and to recognise companies which show commitment to sustainable consumption. Companies are welcome to join as “Sustainable Consumption Enterprise” or “Sustainable Product Supplier”. Outstanding participants would be recognised by an award scheme under this programme.

Roving Exhibition

To promulgate the concept of sustainable consumption to different groups of the community, roving exhibitions will be arranged at shopping malls or housing estates.

About Sustainable Development Fund

The Sustainable Development Fund (the Fund) has been established with a sum of $100 million to provide a source of financial support for initiatives that will help develop a strong public awareness of the principles of sustainable development and to encourage sustainable practices in Hong Kong.