Organisation Background

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) is a statutory corporation wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government. It is responsible for the operation and development of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). AAHK strives to strengthen HKIA as the leading international aviation hub and a key engine for the economic growth of Hong Kong.

AAHK has pledged to make HKIA the world’s greenest airport. The pledge serves as a goal and a driver to continuously improve our environmental performance. AAHK is committed to using best practice environmental management, and particularly to working closely with airport business partners to accelerate the rate of footprint reduction. 

Company Policy

AAHK established its Green Procurement Policy in July 2016 to demonstrate its support of environmental protection. To cascade this commitment through the supply chain, AAHK integrates environmental considerations into procurement processes, with the aim of continually improving its environmental performance.

Sustainable Procurement

In 2013, AAHK launched its “Sustainable Seafood Pre-order Dining Policy” which requires banquet menus catering for 12 or more people to refrain from serving any of the 13 species from World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong’s “Seafood to Avoid” list.  The list includes all shark products, bluefin tuna, humphead wrasse, Hong Kong grouper and other species that have been over-exploited or sourced from unsustainable fisheries. 

In 2014, the Policy was revised and renamed the “Sustainable Dining Policy”. This reflected a widening of the scope to include sustainable consumption of non-marine species.  Incorporating best practice from the Environment Bureau and certain airport business partners, new species added to the items-to-avoid list include all snakes, all soft- and hard-shelled turtles, black moss and Tiger Grouper.