Sustainable Consumption Award Scheme

To encourage Sustainable Consumption continuously, BEC invites all companies and organisations participating in the Recognition Scheme to join the Sustainable Consumption Award Scheme. The Award Scheme recognises outstanding companies and organisations that consider the environmental and social impacts of the products and services they purchase, and their commitment to offer sustainable products and services.

Sustainable Consumption Enterprises are eligible to join the Sustainable Consumption Enterprise Award Scheme.

Sustainable Product Suppliers are eligible to join the Sustainable Product Supplier Award Scheme

For enquires and details, please contact Mr Cannes Wong at T. 27843957 or Mr Sam Chan at T. 27843914 or E. .

Award Scheme Timeline

Stage 1 (11 Jan – 18 May 2018)

Sunstainable Consumption Enterprises & Sustainble Product Suppliers will receive an award questionnaire. All questionnaires should be sent to email address no later than 18 May 2018 (Friday).

Stage 2 (19 – 31 May 2018)

All Questionnaires received will be reviewed by BEC. Top 10 Sustainable Consumption Enterprises and Sustainble Product Suppliers will be selected according to the questionnaires.

Stage 3 (1 – 30 Jun 2018)

Top 3 enterprises will be selected via voting from registered suppliers and the public.

Top 3 suppliers will be selected via voting registered enterprises and the public.

Stage 4

The following Awards will be given out:

  • Score above mean: Certificate of Merit
  • Top 4 - 10: Certificate of Excellence
  • Top 3: Gold, Silver and Bronze Award with Trophy