Socially Responsible

Socially responsible business is a description of business manner in which organisations behave to improve the quality of life of the workforce and their families, as well as the local community and society at large, while looking for economic development. Socially responsible business manner can benefit the society by improving overall living standards and welfare conditions. Examples of socially responsible behavior include fair wages, safe working conditions and prohibition of forced and child labour.

Sustainable Features of Socially Responsible Products


Good Labour Practice

Labour welfare and conditions are indispensable parts of responsible production. Socially responsible employers have the obligation to safeguard the basic rights of workers, including the right of negotiating on wages and conditions to work in a safe environment. Minimum wage for workers have to be established to allow them to be able to sustain their essential living needs. Apart from reasonable wages for workers, discrimination and forced or illegal child labour should be prohibited. Providing better working environments and offering higher standards of living to workers can increase the productivity of the entire production process, which in turn contribute to the quality of the products being manufactured.

Good Manufacturing Condition

Manufacturing condition is not only critical to the quality of products and services being produced but also greatly affects the health and safety of workers during production. Some countries have established guidelines to promote good manufacturing practices, for examples, maintaining a clean and hygienic area in manufacturing facilities, controlling environmental conditions to avoid cross contamination and the manufacturing areas have to be well located, designed, constructed and maintained to ensure the production procedures can be carried out smoothly. Sufficient space, facilities and equipment shall be provided to allow an efficient flow of work and effective communication by taking account of the comfort of workers.

Fair Trade

Fair trade is an initiative with its objective to protect the rights of small scale producers, especially in developing countries, by achieving equality in trading conditions. It supports workers and society to improve their living standards and social benefits. This initiative is commonly promoted in purchase of agricultural products such as tea, coffee, wine, sugar and fresh fruits.