Business Sustainable Procurement

Sustainability performance is widely believed by commercial sector as an important element of company success, short term consideration of economic performance without taking care of its social performance and contribution to the society will not enable a company to continue or bring it to higher level of success. Sustainable procurement is a behaviour which a company implement the elements of sustainability during procurement processes. Companies purchase products and services with consideration of their sustainability performance instead of just making decision by quality and financial considerations.

Sustainable procurement plays an important role in fostering sustainable consumption behaviour in society, because it creates market demands on sustainable products and services and also mobilise sustainable consumption and production behaviour along supply chain. The Government green purchasing policy is a typical example. Under this policy, the hong kong Government has been taking the lead to promote green procurement. According to a set of specified procedures and designed green specifications for a list of green items. Bureaux and departments are required to select and purchase economically rational green products and services as far as possible.